Pollinate, a Land Betterment brand, is an organic bee and bee products company utilizing impacted lands to rapidly growing apiaries that help improve the environment, improve the bee population and provide all natural honey and bee related products. Bees are the lifeline of the environment and agriculture through their ability to pollinate flower and plants.
"It is such an exciting moment for our company to have the ability to pair technology, upcycling land and environmental support. Our bee farms are built to provide bees the environment they need to thrive with a triple bottom line effect."
kristie slone
team leader
the need for bees
Agriculture is the lifeline of our society and bees are the building block for making it happen. Unfortunately, a large percentage of bee species have died off each year due to a variety of factors, including disease, parasites, pesticides, and the destruction of their main food sources. As more species die, we will lose crops and, eventually, certain plants will become extinct without bees to do their part.
Our story
Our story is simple. We are founded by thought leaders that wanted to see positive change in our community.

We believe that when a diverse group of people, of mind and spirits, get together they can come up with a plan that can touch many others for years to come. Our story starts as coal mining reclamation specialists. We have reclaimed thousands of acres of land, restoring it back to its natural habitat, but really our story starts well before that .  We grew up outdoors, we love flowers, natural foods, green grass and the beauty and health that the earth provides us.

What we saw though was a problem. Bee populations are dwindling and the need for healthy safe bee production (and related products) is growing ever more rapidly. Without the pollination from bees were are getting ever closer to losing massive species of flowers, plants and agriculture that rely on hard working bees to pollinate the earth.

As we have in the past, if we saw a problem we know there also must be a solution.

Accessible Land

Our holding company, Land Betterment has been able to secure over 10,000 acres of land in central Appalachia and Indiana. Our team has been able to extensively evaluate the availability of land to determine the most optimal locations to grow our bees.


A key attribute for the locations that we chose for our initial farms was focused on safety of predators as well as access to agriculture. The sites selected have the potential for growth while also protecting the integrity of the colonies.

Benefit to Community

The community is in dire need of sustainable opportunity in the region. We are able to harness the immense skill set and work ethic of the local community to help make Pollinate the best operation it can be.

Latest News
Pollinate has selected its initial site selection for its bee farm.
March 20, 2020
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Pollinate's holding company prepares to modify permit to close coal related activities and begin site work for farm.
March 23, 2020
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